Why do hurricanes have women's names?

Why do hurricanes have women's names?

Hurricanes are tropical cyclones in the West Indies, the Caribbean and Central America. Their consequences are huge in each territory where they have passed. Nowadays, hurricanes are named after men and women. However, during a lap of time, hurricanes are only named after women.

Why do hurricanes have women's names?

Despite the fact that it's a natural disaster happening in America, the World Meteorological Organization decides for the Hurricanes' names and this practice has a story.

A time for Saints

As it happened in West Indies, hurricanes are named by the Saints for many thousand years. Actually, hurricanes which have occurred are named after the day they happen. This theory is from the book, Ivan Tannehill has written. He describes how Hurricanes evolved. And the first step is the Hurricane's name after saint on the 1800s.

A time for politician

Have you ever thought that there are hurricanes which are named after politicians? In Australia, at the end of the 19th century, a meteorologist, Clement Wragge thought about naming cyclones after politicians he did not like.

Time for women

Today, it's still Wragge's idea to name hurricane after women. However, in a less official way, although very widespread, the "marines" quickly took the habit of personalizing by the height of the consequences. If they did little damage, then it was quickly given the name of the "girlfriend" of one, the wife of the other. Then, Wragge saw it as a very practical way to name hurricanes.

Even the alphabet was adopted before. Actually, it was a practice because the military organization was only composed by men. Then, to remember the hurricane easily and not to mix it up with another cyclone or another disaster, they decided to adopt first female names. They said that it's easier to remember and to discuss.

An event that changed everything

Because of this principle, hurricanes were named after women first names. On the first hurricane in 1953, ALICE was baptized on May 25, then later in the season BARBARA, CAROL, DOLLY, EDNA were born. By the way, it happened from 1953 to 1979 because of the feminist movement. They didn't accept to be a center of drama.

Actually, they affirmed that it's a "sexist" move to women because they associated their name to disasters. After this movement, not only a punctual event, World Meteorological Organization begins to attribute name of the hurricanes after men and women.

It can sound bizarre that hurricane can have genre. Actually, it's not about the genre but the consequences of the hurricanes associated with the women's image that feminists want to abolish. Even the principle was innocent, the impact on society was huge and unpredictable. Society always claims women to be a reference of sweetness, calmness and kindness.

However, the image with hurricane is the opposite of that. It's not about who are wrong or right. It's about making compromises. As Prem Rawat, an ambassador of peace, said about peace that it is possible. Compromises lead to accepting others' idea and not neglecting ours. Prem Rawat encourages peace to be established, even on those subjects, light subject.