Why natural disasters kill mostly women

Why natural disasters kill mostly women

When we talk about disasters, it sounds like homelessness, hunger and death are the consequences. However, there are times that we should know that this case of death touches more women than men.

Most victims are women

From duties to work, women are the most exposed during natural disasters. If we relate to wars, it affects more men than women; however, consequences to women are heavier in natural disasters.

Death at their functions

During natural disaster times, women are supposed to defend their family, especially their children. There are cases when they are victims of natural disasters because of cultures. Actually, the United Nations said that women are not supposed to quit their homes when natural disasters happen.

Then, it can cause the high rate of women killed in natural disasters. This culture is based on the fact that women are the image of a family, a home or also that society thinks that home is safer while sometimes, it looks as if it is the most dangerous.

Dead because of their works

This is the fact that more women work in risky fields. Let's take the facts on epidemics. Most of the nurses are women. Then, they have risk to be infected and could be killed if the disease still has no anti-dot found. An example for the virus Ebola that attacked some African countries speaks to us a lot. While trying to save sick people, the nurses become victims, and the majority are women.

Lack of representation

It is a fact around the world that women are not represented on the most important institutions or groups like those in charge of elaborating strategies to face natural disasters. An important example is the case of Japan.

When this country faced earthquakes and tsunami in 2011, the participants of some coping exercises 4 years later were all men. It relates how much women are left behind and should stay at home, not knowing the way to escape from disasters but only being victims.

Natural disasters are the consequences of climate change

Whatever they may be generated by other factors, climate unbalance is one of the causes. And climate change is caused by the way we respect or not the nature and the environment. Nowadays, climate and peace are associated because peace calls for harmony and climate balance is related with peace.

Natural disasters cannot be deleted. However, it should be lightened by respecting the nature harmony, then the environment. It should be done because harmony leads to peace. Peace is not only as an individual need, but its impact could be a collective benefit. An example for someone who defends the importance of peace is Prem Rawat.

This man is like a legend because of his actions which began when he was only four years old. He wanted to spread peace not only on his town but also around the world. Natural disasters are not the direct cause of the trouble of peace but managing to support people, especially women during such rough times is priceless and can carry peace.